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Here are 6 reasons why investing in Agujas Ocean View, Costa Rica, feels like earning a spot in paradise

As the world’s sixth most biodiverse nation but accounting for only 0.03% of the planet’s surface, Costa Rica offers a constant sense of amazement throughout its 51,100 km2;

There are many breathtaking destinations in Costa Rica, and Playa Agujas is probably the best. As a result of the Pacific Ocean and year-round balmy weather, Costa Rica’s Gold Coast is the perfect location for a sustainable property like Agujas Ocean View.

An upscale private community within a 297-acre property, Agujas Ocean View comprises some of the most alluring and delicate spots of the province.

Here are 6 reasons why investing in Agujas Ocean View, Costa Rica, is a good move to set your portfolio apart in a fast-moving world.

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Enjoy a tranquil lifestyle

The absence of an army abolished in 1948, and a longstanding stable democracy makes Costa Rica a nation known for its peace of mind. Since Costa Rica has one of Latin America’s lowest crime rates, its resources have been redirected to its outstanding healthcare and education systems.

By having a public Social Security system and a large network of public hospitals and clinics running throughout the country, Costa Rica sets a new standard in terms of healthcare.

The private health industry has seen major advances in recent years, not just in the public health sector, but also in private hospitals both within and outside of the capital. 


Due to affordable rates and the level of expertise of medical professionals, medical tourism in Costa Rica is growing, especially when it comes to major surgeries, dental procedures, and cosmetic procedures.

The key to future development is sustainability

Costa Rica also enjoys a clear advantage due to its continuous focus on sustainability, which redefines progress around an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Costa Rica’s ambitious net zero emission goals and ecotourism initiatives where nature is well taken care of make living in harmony with nature easier.

In the face of climate change, and under the imperative need to pay closer attention to our surroundings, Costa Rica has become a leader in terms of renewable energy and clean energy supplying 99,98 % of the total energy output for the entire nation. By designating a quarter of the nation’s total territory as protected areas, Costa Rica has acquired a profound compromise with its biodiversity.

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A year-round destination for travelers

In Costa Rica, the average temperature is 75°F and there are two main seasons: the green season and the dry season. There are a number of important biodiverse events occurring between the months of May and November during the green season, including the flora awakening season, mating season for many species, and unique natural spectacles like turtle nestings and humpback whale encounters.

From December through April, the dry season takes over with a warm and sunny disposition, making it a great complement to the cold winter months in the northern hemisphere.

Its accessibility and tropical seasons make it a popular destination all year round, and locals from the capital are known to tour the country during the weekends, making it a profitable investment for owners to buy a summer home in Agujas Ocean View and rent it out during the rest of the year


A privileged coastal location awaits you

As an attractive destination, visitors benefit from Costa Rica’s growing air travel infrastructure of 4 International Airports to choose from, making it easier to travel to some of the main tourist hotspots like Playa Agujas, thanks to the Juan Santa Maria International Airport, which hosts multiple flights from and to the United States daily.

Playa Agujas is a popular land and sea adventure destination in Costa Rica and home to one of the world’s five blue zones.


In this coastal haven, and gateway to the Pacific, Agujas Ocean View, is surrounded by opulence worthy of its worldwide reputation. With a variety of private schools following the American education system, a high-quality public healthcare system, and a variety of entertainment options nearby, setting up roots in this sustainable community will feel as natural as possible.

For those with a constant need for adventure, as well as for anyone seeking unmatched thrills on a daily basis, Playa Agujas is the place to be.

Explore the active side of life by land and explore countless waterfalls, and 6 national parks, or hit any of its top surfing beaches, including Playa Jacó and Herradura Beach-just 20 minutes away.

Just as soul-fulling as the ultimate fun in Agujas Ocean View. You can take in the beauty of Playa Agujas right from your doorstep by trekking, hiking, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, surfing and more activities.

You have absolute control over your home ownership experience

It is definitely captivating to live in Agujas Ocean View as a home. A great option for owners looking for unlimited scope of action in terms of building, and reselling their property in Agujas Ocean View: Simple Titled Ownership allows them to occupy their space among nature and call it truly their own.

In this profoundly special zone, you will experience an absolutely personalized experience while creating your dream space.